966 Chapel Street

New Haven CT




Monday - Thursday 

5 - 10 PM

Friday & Saturday 

5 - 12 AM



Kitchen ZINC is all about the ingredients. Just like its sister restaurant, ZINC, it focuses on local, sustainable and fresh ingredients in the form of artisanal pizzas.

So what exactly is artisan pizza? An Artisan, is defined as a skilled worker who practices a trade or handicraft–in other words, a craftsman. By defining Kitchen ZINC as artisan pizza we are taking our years of knowledge, award-winning skills and relationships with local farms in an attempt to craft the perfect pie.

At Kitchen ZINC, we believe ingredients are meant to be savored. We have built relationships with local farms and vendors who take as much care in their work as we do. We want every pie we make to seamlessly melt wholesome flavor with impeccable quality. We work together with these farms to bring you everything from locally made sausage to goat cheese to vegetables and more.

Sustainable Wine on Tap

When you think about sustainable practices in food, you might think of crops, cattle, water, fish and… wine? We are New Haven's first!

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